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Sunday, October 21, 2012

I Want to Play a Game

A while back Bionic Dance played a game where she described a movie in a unique way that made it not immediately apparent what the movie was and everyone had to guess which movie she was talking about. Let's play that game now.

I saw this movie once about a society that implemented a strange social experiment. Men were encouraged to engage in the sexual conquest of women, while women who engaged in any sexual activity were shamed and chastised. The society pushed forward a conflicting message of sex being taboo and shameful yet glamorous and cool. Since sex was taboo, contraception was as well, especially for women. This increased the number of pregnancies in the society, and the response was that these women needed to be shamed and given as little support as possible, especially if they were poor. Since much of the society was also against abortion, they tried to make it as difficult, as expensive, and as inconvenient as possible to get one. Therefore, many women chose to hide their pregnancies or abortions, but because they could only obtain abortions in a secretive and dangerous manner, or because they could not afford any other means, the number of fatalities from abortions increased. The portion of society that was against abortion approved of this, because if a woman was stupid enough to engage in the activity that was not only part of her biological nature but constantly shown to be glamorous and fun, while not using the contraceptives she had been told were shameful and uncool, while being unlucky enough to be poor, which increased her likelihood of not understanding her situation and how to protect herself . . . well she wasn't worth saving was she?

This is the part where I'm supposed to say "Huh, weird movie" but most of you by now probably know I'm not describing a movie so much as our current situation.


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